On the way to Holland

Wow, we can’t believe it, finally we’re on the way to Holland!!!!! It’s been a while since we posted on our blog, but I’m not going to bore you with everything that has happened the past weeks. I just want to share the 2 most important things.


In our last post we shared about the bad health of Janders mom. Thanks to the offerings of a few friends, Jander was able to visit his mom for a week, ofcourse she was very excited about that! She has been going in and out of the hospital the past few weeks, but finally it’s going much better!!! 


Efraim’s going to school!

Yes, our little boy is growing up. In the midst of packing our suitcases, organizing the house and other things we also went to get to know Efraims new school. The public schools in Brazil are not of a very good quality, and that’s why we really wanted to be able to send Efraim to a private school, also it was important for us to find a christian school. Luckily at the beginning of this year a new  school opened, about 20 minutes by car from our house. It is part of a school in Fortaleza that is very well known. They are still building the biggest part of the school, and it will get pretty big, but for now the classes are still quite small. The people were really nice and friendly, and the school has a great structure. After and interview with the psychologist and having observed Efraim we decided to put Efraim in ‘Infantil III’, a group for 3 year old, even though because of his age officially he could be in group IV, but because Efraim is not fluent enough yet in portuguese for his age, we decided to put him in III, no problem at all, important is for Efraim to enjoy school! Because we’re only coming back january 30th, he will miss 2 weeks of class, but that’s ok. Luckily we get a discount on the school fees of 30% because we are missionaries, but it’s still a lot of money. We also got a list of school supplies we’ll need to buy, including his school uniform! Please let us know if you would like to support Efraim specifically with this!


On the way to Holland…

Anyway, as I said, we’re now on the way to Holland. I’m writing this message ate a table in a hotel in Natal, only 45 minutes by plane from Fortaleza. This was certainly not as we planned….. we left last Friday, excited (and after a lot of stress that you get when leaving yeverything you have behind in an other country for 3 months!) to the airport of Fortaleza. We had a stopover in Natal, but the airplane had problems in the computer and the flight from natal to Sao Paulo got canceled. Well, we only would have 2 hours to change flights in Sao Paulo,  so we discovered soon we would miss our flight to Amsterdam. After a lot of waiting we were told that the next flight available for us to Holland would be on sunday, 2 days later! So we got stuck in Natal for 2 days (luckily the company is paying!) Ofcourse we were very bummed about this, a delay of 2 days is not nothing, especially when you’re travelling with an active 3 year old boy! We deceide to make the best of it and spend Saturdaymorning on the beach, (had to buy flipflops and a shirt for that because our suitcase was prepared for cold dutch weather and not the beach!) We had nice meals in the restaurant of the hotel and got plenty of rest. In w little while the taxi will be here to bring us to the airport again to hopeful arrive in Holland by Monday!



Keep an eye on our blog, as I’ll try to take at least one picture a day and post it with some writing on our blog so you can always be up to date!!!!

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