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Even though we’ve only been here for a week, we really wanted to write an update on our blog, because everyone is probably curious about Efraims first week at school! He is now going to a christian private school. Wehave to wake up early as he needs to be at school at 7:20, which means we have to leave home at 7. At 11:10 we can pick him up again! The first day was a bit hard, he did not want me to leave, and because it was his first day, they allowed me to stay for a while, once they went to play in the sand he was oke and he said goodbye to me with a big smile. The second day he had to cry a little when we had to say goodbye, the third day he used his uniform for the first time and he was so proud that with lots of enthusiams he showed it to his teacher (Tia Karina), he barely had time to give a hug goodbye. On the 4th day he was singing a song he had learned at school, so on the 5th day we gave the teacher a present (some dutch goodies) to thank her for giving us such a sepcial first week of school. Efraim has his own agenda so every day we can see what he has done and how it went, he even gets some homework!


Before they can go home they also get a shower there. He likes his unifrom so much that the teacher told us that after taking a shower he did not want to put on his clean clothes that I had put in his backpack, he only wanted to wear his uniform!


Jander and I bring him to school together every day, because from there we go straight to the farm, where we have time of worship and intercessions with everybody. Right now I am preparing information for volunteers, and I’m preparing the blogs of the diferent projects. Picking up Efraim from school we divide with /selma, the leader of the base, because their son Danny goes to the same school. We have lunch together at the farm. First the plan was that I was going to be home working with Efraim in the afternoons, but Efraim likes it so much to play at the farm, outside and with Danny, that most of the time i stay working there.


We’ll write more updates soon!

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Ana said...

He is the cutest thing♥ Congratulations Efraim! We love you!

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