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Oh my, how time flies, in Europe spring has started and here in the northeast of brasil slowly the rainy season is starting. As you can see our blog has a new face, it’s not done completely yet, but I hope this way it will be easier to navigate, and we hope you will enjoy to read our messages !
Jander’s birthday
We celebrated Jander’s birthday with a traditional barbecue, we had a full house and it was loads of fun!
Efraim still enjoys school very much. His portuguese is improving and he loves to sing the songs he learns at school.
When you look at this picture don’t be shocked and think we got a horribel disease, it’s just one of the creative acts of sir Efraim, from top to toe…..
For who didn’t see Efraim sing and dance yet, take a look at this film of the Easter Celebration at school, it’s obvious he is having so much fun!
Vida NovaDSCI0327
Half february the son of A***was born, she is 15 years old and her 2 brothers live with us on the farm. She is living in one of the biggest and dangerous favelas in Fortaleza. Her situation is very complicated. We are trying to accompany her, but it’s very dificult sometimes. She almost immediately gave up on breastfeeding because she said it hurt, and her mother who has a baby herself sometimes takes it over, in 2 months times the baby already has had 4 diferent names, and right from the start she has been giving the baby rice cereal in old unsterilized bottles who probably have been used often by her other brothers ans sisters, and there’s much more to tell…please just pray for her!  
New Challenge!
We could also use some of your prayer, Peter and Selma, our leaders are in england for 4 months and they have asked us to take care and be responsable for everything on the restoration farm. A big responsability to lead a team and all the activities in the right direction!
Soon we’ll write another newsletter, we’re so busy lately that it’s hard to find time t do these things…….

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